Sire Bulls

At Shamrock Angus our policy is to select herd sires that exhibit structural soundness, maternal strength and have an excellent constitution for thriving in a range of environments.
Rangatira N515

Rangatira 17515 (2017) Lot 10 in Rangatira catalogue that year. He was not as big as earlier lots in the sale but was hard to fault, backed by a solid pedigree including Thor, Waihohonu 113 and Lancer. He has proven to be a very astute purchase. An easy doing bull with impeccable feet, structural soundness and a great temperament.

Atahua 54-14

Atahua 54-14 (2014) A bull Shamrock Angus had when they started the stud. Very docile, a trait he passed on to his progeny. 54-14 is a bull with depth and volume. This is a bull with excellent maternal traits which has had a strong influence on the Shamrock herd. He bred some great females in the commercial herd before he was registered and used in the stud.

Kaharau P404

Kaharau 18P404 (2018). One of three ET bulls by Tangihau Bayley in the 2020 Kaharau sale, all selling to studs. Deep and thick with good bone and a lovely quiet temperament.

Rangatira 16267

Rangatira 16267 (2016) By Thor, he has always been an impressive bull. He is a bull with presence. Very sound bull with great feet and plenty of length, as you would expect from the old NZ bloodlines in his breeding.

Kaharau R300

Kaharau R300 (2020) An exciting new prospect. Selected on phenotype to be trouble free and with nicely balanced figures for a bull with good growth. Ran with the heifers for a cycle before running with 35 mixed aged cows in his first year. Got them in calf and came back home in great condition looking like he had never been away.

Described in the 2022 Kaharau catalogue as an outstanding Kaharau Colin 557 son, with plenty of thickness, grunt and bone. R300 has a lovely head, presence, depth to the flank, a strong back line and super quiet. He is hard to fault.

Kaharau 444

Kaharau 444 (2015) Foundation sire. Exceptional phenotype, excellent temperament (loves a good scratch) and great growth.  A standout sire used prior to starting the stud. He has represented the total package bull and his progeny have come through with the same defining features. Rated by Kaharau Angus for his depth, presence and back end, they retained some straws and have sold one bull to stud by him.